Recommended podcasts 2021

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Whether you’re getting dressed, cooking or doing work, podcasts are great to have on in the background to help keep your mind stimulated. 

If you’re looking to try something new, here’s a snapshot of our current listens.


WHOA That’s Good podcast is hosted by the author and Christian speaker Sadie Robertson. Each episode is an interview with a different individual- from athletes to speakers to film stars and family members. 

The interviewees share personal stories from their lives and offer helpful advice to listeners. Because they come from a variety of different backgrounds and life stages, you get to hear a completely new perspective each episode and I love this. 

The episodes have ranged from conversations with her mum on navigating motherhood to conversations with a therapist on mental health. Although the topics are usually thought-provoking, the podcast is still light-hearted and enjoyable to listen to.


To My Sisters is a podcast I’ve been enjoying recently. It’s hosted by two friends in their twenties and they talk mainly about relationships, well-being and entrepreneurship. The format is like a fun conversation, but not without depth and wisdom.

The hosts come across as grounded and mature and the advice they share is balanced, thorough and well-articulated. 

I really appreciate their ‘no-nonsense’ delivery and the fact they don’t stand for tomfoolery.


Fight Hustle, End Hurry is a 10-episode podcast by authors Jefferson Bethke and John Mark Comer. They talk about the problem of hustle and hurry in today’s culture and how it can negatively affect our lives and walk with God. They discuss different ways we can actively fight against this.

I found the podcast relevant and practical and full of helpful takeaways.


Thirty Minutes with The Perrys is hosted by Christian couple Jackie Hill and Preston Perry. The Perrys talk about various topics including theology, therapy, relationships, race and current culture. Their discussions are thought-provoking and relatable, and their witty humour always makes for a fun listen! Their openness and vulnerability when it comes to sharing their own experiences is refreshing and inspiring. I enjoy listening to this podcast because there is a great balance between light-hearted humour and deep, insightful discussion.


4 Sisters sharing life wisdom

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