The Unpredictability of Life

The recent pandemic has got me thinking about how unpredictable life is. This is not something that anybody prepared or planned for. All over the world, people made plans which had to be cancelled- from holidays to weddings and birthday celebrations. Families have quickly been torn apart. Loved ones have been rushed into intensive care or have passed away.

Many of us spend our lives looking forward to the next thing.

When will this long week come to an end so I can finally relax at the weekend? When can I go on my next holiday?  

The truth is, we don’t even know if these days will come. We cannot be sure of what tomorrow will hold. We want to plan ahead and have a sense of control over our lives but sometimes we get hit by sudden curve balls that turn our lives around and tear apart even our most well thought-out plans.

Life is fragile and uncertain. We will have moments of stability but also moments of extreme instability, failure and unexpected change. How can we stay sane through all of the sudden challenges and changes that life brings?

As a Christian, I find it helpful, in the midst of unpredictability and change, to hold on to that which does not change – God. The Bible tells us that God is unchanging, never-failing and will be with us no matter what – through change, through difficult circumstances, in sickness and in death. No one understands the universe and our world better than the one who created it. 

God does not promise that our lives will be easy or predictable, but He does say that He is fully in control and that no matter what we face, He will be by our sides. And when curve-balls hit us and throw us off course, they teach us something new. They make us wiser, stronger and more prepared to face the next challenge that comes our way.

I love the following song lyrics which beautifully describe God’s unchanging character:

‘You are stable, through every change that this life may bring. You remain the same.’

In all the craziness of life, what do you hold on to? What helps you to face the future with confidence?

Jemina x


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