Survive and thrive on your Year Abroad

I study Russian and German at university and I went on a year abroad last year as part of my course. Whether you’re also going on a year abroad as part of your degree or you’re taking time out purely for fun, it’s important to know not only how to ‘survive’ but also how to grow in character and ultimately to thrive.

Here are some of my tips to hopefully help you out:

1) Seek advice from people who have done it before

Speak to language students who have been abroad for an extended period of time and to anyone who has worked where you will be working. Your experience will be unique and not exactly like anyone else’s but it will overlap with others’.

2) Inform yourself about the culture of the country before you go

You don’t need to do lots of research but an overview will help. For example, knowing that people in Russia often save their smiles for close friends meant I wasn’t deterred if people came across cold when first meeting them. Learning that Germans are more direct than we are in England also meant I wasn’t as offended when people quickly pointed out my mistakes at work! Having an overview of the culture may not prevent culture shock (adapting to a new culture is always hard) but it should hopefully make your experience easier.

3) Try new things

Whether it’s food or social events, you will have many opportunities to try new things so don’t be afraid to say yes. Don’t wear yourself out or put too much pressure on yourself to do everything but remember that this might be a once in a lifetime experience. Go for it as much as you can!

4) Settling in takes time

You may experience a range of emotions such as homesickness, isolation, self-critique; especially if you’re the only foreigner in your environment. A lot of people I’ve spoken to who have been immersed in another culture have said they needed roughly 4 to 5 months to really settle in. It’s different for everyone but expecting to feel at home in a week might not be realistic. Be patient with yourself.

5) Seek familiarity

It’s great to immerse yourself in the foreign culture but a break now and again is good! If you’re immersed in a different language, try and find some international cafes or groups to connect with people from your home country. This can make you feel more at home.

6) Explore, explore and explore some more

Don’t just go to the touristy places but visit other places too. Visit nearby cities, go for walks or cycle rides in unfamiliar places. Don’t be afraid of going alone- you don’t always have to explore in groups.

7) Keep your friends and family updated

I sent all my friends and family newsletter updates by email (the website is great for this). This helped me to process my experience as well. You can also simply take lots of photos, keep a journal or write a blog. You will probably experience a lot in a short space of time so processing it in some way is really helpful and can help you to take it all in.

8) Make connections before you go

I had some pen-pals in Russia and Germany who I had been writing to for years before I went on my year abroad. This meant I already had some friends in the country when I arrived who could show me around and make me feel welcome. I used the website to find my penpals.

9) Share your culture

Bring some snacks or sweets from your home country abroad and share them with any friends you make. You can even cook your favourite dish from home for some friends. For example, I organised a tea-party for my friends in Germany with typical English snacks. This can help you make connections with others and your friends will really appreciate it!

10) Have some mottos to help you through the year

One of mine was ‘Stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way you can grow’. Being away in another country, especially where your native language is not spoken, automatically puts you outside of your comfort zone. You may feel disorientated at times but I knew these challenges would simply grow me in character and mature me. This meant I could enjoy the good times and not be massively discouraged when things got hard.

Jemina x


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