Top Christian Music Artists 2021

If you’re anything like me, finding new Christian music can sometimes be a bit of a struggle! If you need some inspiration, here are a few Christian artists I am currently listening to:


New Zealand based CASS is a newly established young artist. Her sound is fresh, relevant and urban and having recently released a self-produced album, ‘Genesis’, her talent is evident. An appealing mix of electronica, hip-hop and R&B, her songs are perfect dance tracks.

2. Kings Kaleidoscope

‘Kings Kaleidoscope’ have a very unique sound and do not shy away from creative music expression. An interesting fusion of hip-hop with woodwind and brass, their music is colourful, vibrant and refreshing. Lead vocalist Chad Gardner’s strong, deep, raw vocals sit nicely over the eclectic mix of orchestral and soulful sounds.

 3. All Sons and Daughters

Heart-warming, wholesome and authentic are a few words which come to mind when describing musical duo ‘All Sons and Daughters’. Originating in Tennessee, their music is very much folk inspired and is heavily centred around acoustic and piano. They are characterised by their non-ornate style, sweet harmonies and worship inspiring lyrics. From mellow ballads to jauntier country choruses, the duo are experts in creating music which is unpolished, organic and honest.

4. Montell Fish

Montell Fish is a young, creative artist who’s sound is effortless and raw and geared heavily around solid beats and techno rhythms. R&B and Rap are his main genres and his artistic lyrics are stripped back and often connected to his personal experiences.


5. Hollyn

As a classic mix of and hip-hop and R&B, Hollyn’s sound is very accessible and relevant. Her vocals are strong and her newest releases strike a perfect balance between upbeat party fun and meaningful lyricism.

6. For King and Country

‘For King and Country’ are an Australian brother duo as bold and vivacious as their name suggests. Compiling rich harmonies, solid beats and a generous helping of percussion, the brothers create dynamic-sounding anthemic tracks. Much of their songs are upbeat, rhythmic and impactful and are usually set off with energetic live performances.


7. Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Bryan and Katie Torwalt are a husband and wife duo from California, Sacramento. As worship leaders, their music serves the intentional purpose of bringing praise to God and as such, is very much celebratory, declaratory and uplifting in nature. Their lyrics are passionate and powerful and are sung unapologetically by gutsy lead vocalist Katie. The couple are usually accompanied by a mix of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums and keyboard and although their songs vary in tempo, they are all alike in being hard hitting and catchy.

8. Lauren Daigle

Lauren can be distinguished by her gritty, smoky tone and powerhouse vocals. Much of her songs are uncomplicated in musical arrangement but remain big, bold and heartfelt in their message. As a young artist keen to draw from her Blues, Jazz and Zydeco influenced upbringing, it will be interesting to watch her progression and see how her sound develops.


9. Rivers and Robots

Rivers and Robots are an indie musical group who blend loose harmonies with electronica and simple acoustic accompaniment to create a quirky, melodic sound. Their tracks are soothing, refreshing and beautifully understated and their organic quality makes for a wholesome listening experience. Lead singer Jonathan Ogden has also started a few solo projects which are definitely worth checking out if you enjoy the band’s sound.

 10. Tauren Wells

Formerly known as frontman of pop band ‘Royal Tailor’, Tauren Wells is now making his mark as a solo artist in the combined genres of funk and hip-hop.  Drawing inspiration from artists such as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, Tauren’s songs are soulful, funky and infused with shades of R&B.  From upbeat dance numbers to more laid-back tunes, Tauren has a good selection of songs to suit a range of moods.

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