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The antidote to insecurity

Insecurity can take so many forms and it can grip us in different ways.  ‘What are you good at?’ ‘What have you accomplished?’ It can tell us that we need good answers to these questions in order to be valued and respected, to feel good about ourselves and for our existence to count for something. […]

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How to look out for yourself

Looking out for ourselves is often easier said than done. I know I’ve sometimes found it difficult to speak up, not overcommit or make sure my boundaries are respected.  Others won’t always speak up for us, so it’s really important that we’re able to do this ourselves. It might not always feel easy or natural, […]

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5 Reminders for Young Working Adults

As a young employee, I can sometimes feel down and discouraged when navigating the challenges of the workplace and my career. It’s easy to lose perspective and get caught up in the relentlessness of it all. It’s so important that we remember the 5 following points: 1. Take time to rest  Working towards goals can […]

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