What not to do in Rome!

Travelling guides usually focus on what you should do when you visit a new place. However, I recently travelled to Rome with my Mum and sister and  although we had a great time, there were a few blunders we made that we could have avoided. If you are looking to visit Rome, don’t make the mistakes we did. Here are 7 things not to do :

 1. Don’t eat in places right next to famous sites

Eating places very close to famous sites are likely to be overpriced and less authentically Italian. Thankfully, we realised this early on and avoided a lot of ‘tourist trap’ restaurants as a result.

2. Don’t pack heels

Exploring Rome will likely involve a lot of walking so comfortable shoes are your best option. If you pack heels you probably won’t get to wear them. Oh! And the roads are cobbled…

3. Don’t miss out on visiting the famous sites near your accommodation

In Rome it seems there is an interesting site or building of historical significance on every other street corner. It’s therefore worth checking out the area near your accommodation for a chance to see lesser known sites. Especially if there is an interesting looking building literally across the road from you. And especially if that building attracts healthy queues each morning and is surrounded by important looking guards.

4. There are lots of fountains in Rome. Don’t leave without seeing the most famous one- the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous sites in Rome. If you are not totally sure the fountain you have seen is the Trevi fountain itself – it probably isn’t.

5. Unless you are well versed in Roman art, don’t explore Galleria Borghese without a guide

As spectacular as the artwork is in this museum, without a guide/audio guide, you may start to find yourself gazing blankly at pieces of art with little understanding or appreciation of their historical context or cultural significance.

6. Don’t get confused by the prices in the Lindt chocolate shop

Not too far from the Pantheon is the Lindt shop with a huge selection of chocolates and sweets. You can fill a bag with chocolates and sweets of your choice and the price is calculated in accordance with the weight of the bag. Make sure you have a rough idea how much your bag will cost before actually getting to the till. This way you will avoid going to the till, getting your bag weighed, being shocked about the super expensive price and having to go and empty all your sweets and chocolates out.

7. Don’t leave without seeing the Vatican

There is a lot to see in Rome and so you can be easily forgiven if you are unable to see everything- especially if you are only there for a short while. However, you may regret skipping the Vatican given that it’s Rome’s most popular tourist destination.

Rome is a great city break location and even with a few blunders here and there, I had a lovely trip!

Leona x


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