7 ways to Manage Workload and Minimise Stress

Managing university/college/school work can be really difficult and stressful. With deadlines, assignments and so many other commitments to juggle, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are 7 things I did, mainly during my final year of university, to ease pressure and keep on top of things. Hopefully they will be helpful for you too!

1. Create a study space

In my final year of university, I found that creating a nice space to study helped me to focus and feel less stressed. It may be somewhere else for you, but I liked to work at my desk in my room. I would light scented candles, put my dressing gown on and switch on my heater. With some relaxing music in the background, like a Disney piano playlist, and a hot drink to hand, I found that studying became more enjoyable and a lot less pressured.

2. Keep checklists

Making ‘to do’ lists helped me remember all the tasks I needed to do in any one week or on a particular day.

3. Be persistent

Being persistent, and keeping on top of my workload right from the start of the year really helped me in being prepared when exams rolled around in the summer.

4. You’re not the only one

I would remind myself that there were others in my position. If you’re ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed, chances are, lots of others are feeling exactly the same. Some people just hide it very well!

5. Plan ahead

If I had deadlines coming up, I made sure to start work early and aimed to complete it  before it was actually due. Don’t leave work to the last minute!

6. Pray

When I found myself stressed out with work, I would usually pray. Not long extensive prayers, but just a quick, ‘God, help me. This is so hard!’ whilst studying. Being mindful of God’s presence helped me feel less alone and would give me extra strength to press on.

7. Maintain perspective

Last of all, remember that exams and assignments are not ‘the be all and end all’.  Life on earth is fleeting and everything this side of eternity will soon fade away. Getting bogged down with work is really not worth it!


Leona x


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